Hi! I'm BrunoMonteiro.

I design and code things
to be used by humans
on the internet.

Hybrid » UX + UI Design + Front-end.

Bruno Monteiro WebDesigner Madeira

About me

Dear All, glad to have you here! I’ve finally managed to make time to build my own website! Wow! Well.. my web journey started right after thinking that one day I could be a game designer. Actually, it was what we all knew of “cool” in the digital area by the late 90’s, right before the internet of things explosion.

I’ve been designing, since the early days of Photoshop and Netscape (Yes, I’ve used the almighty Netscape Composer to edit HTML pages around 1998… Hey! I’m self-taught. Had to start somewhere). Damn, those days…

Today, as a maker, I design and build for everywhere once we are all using everything to access information on the web. “I love this game!”.

I teach New Media Design
at University of Madeira

University of Madeira

I’m teaching, as Assistant Professor, since 2014/15, the disciplines of “Digital Lab II” and “Interaction Media Design”.

I deliver, daily basis, the reality of the Web and the industry. From theorical to pratice sessions students are learning the foundations of Web Standards while understanding the power we have, as digital workers, to deploy digital products with enhanced clarity on the goals, of each project, through a handcrafted design and code process with cross context, browser and devices compliant envyronments in mind.

Designers must code! ” and “Build once, publish everywhere ” are one main keywords for the life of each student while doing their design graduation at University of Madeira.

Scientific Researcher
at eGAMES LAB Portugal

eGAMES LAB Portugal


Locations I've worked

I’m based in Madeira Island, Portugal, working locally and remotly with inspiring clients and agencies all over the world.

I’m fluent in English (talk and written) and available to fly (scheduled in advance) if the project demands relocation (in experience I’ve been relocated for temporary work in: Bucharest(2x); Paris; Barcelona; London and Lisbon).

To keep things on track I’m using: Pommodoro technique (for focus and fast development); Email, Slack and Skype for communications; PhpStorm for code; GIT and Beanstalk for version control; To manage tasks I’m using Things app and app.and.co for time tracking and to invoice clients. Latelly I’ve started using monday.com.

    I’ve been happy to help clients from all these awesome locations:

  • Lausanne / Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Brooklyn (New York City, [Agency work])
  • Bucharest (Romania, [European Union Project])
  • London (UK, [Agency work])
  • Paris (France, [Agency work])
  • Barcelona (Spain, [Agency work])
  • Stockholm (Sweden, [Agency work])
  • Macau (China, [Agency work])
  • Lisboa (Portugal, [Agency and client work])
  • Porto (Portugal, [client work])
  • Funchal (Madeira Island, Portugal [Agency and client work])
  • Sta Maria (Azores Islands, [client work])

Web Conferences I've attended

  • Mirror Conf, Braga – Portugal, 2018;
  • Mirror Conf, Braga – Portugal, 2017;
  • Mirror Conf, Braga – Portugal, 2016;
  • Future of Web Design London, UK, 2015;
  • Beyhond Terreland, 2014 – Berlim;
  • Refresh LX, Lisbon, 2012;
  • Future of Web Design London, UK, 2012;
  • Don Norman’s Talk at University of Madeira, Madeira Island, 2012;
  • Build Conference, Belfast – Ireland, 2011;
  • Future of Web Design London, UK, 2011;
  • SAPO CodeBits, Libson, 2010.
  • Future of Web Design London, UK, 2010;

Workshops I've landed

  • “WebDesign – From Zero to HERO!” IFACC;
  • “CSS3 ” – IFACC;
  • “The Responsible Approach to Responsive Web Design” – IFACC;
  • “Responsive WebDesign – Build Once, Publish Everywhere” – IFACC;
  • “Styling with CSS3, SASS and the magic of Compass” – IFACC;
  • “Mobile First” – IFACC.

Talks: As a Speaker.

Bruno Monteiro, brunoatwork webdesigner
  • FNAC Madeira 2016, “How I built an e-Commerce website”;
  • Universidade da Madeira 2014 – Design for emotion;
  • Universidade da Madeira 2014 – User Experience Design;
  • FNAC Madeira 2013, “WebDesign – From Zero to HERO!”;
  • Future of Web Design London 2012 – Open talks;
  • Escola Gonçalves Zarco 2012, “Web Design, The New Era”.

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